5 Things you need to know about blinds or shades

The online shopping of shades and blinds has increased over the last few years. Although windows treatment is a difficult decision to make without seeing it in person. Because online shopping is easy and it saves much time, you need to consider these 5 things for purchasing shades or blinds.


Find the Right Fit for Your Windows

Often you have a better variety to select the right window treatment for yourself on the online platforms. You can make a customized selection with no more trips to the store. Especially, if your windows are oddly shaped, RV windows, sliding glass doors, arches, bay windows, or others, it requires specific window treatment customized to your needs. There are many color options in window treatments, so you can get the perfect fit for your need. Some stores help you by providing free color and fabric samples.


DIY or Hiring Someone for Installation

DIY is a great way to install windows but it’s not for everyone. Therefore, you will need to take measurements before installation and hire a person to install windows for you.


Check Reviews

Online shopping has its benefits but you should check the reviews before paying for the window treatment. Other customers’ reviews help you in the quality check and you have complete confidence about your decision. With many great reviews for the website, you can trust that the company has quality standards and high performance. Online companies usually guide you about different treatments available and the best suitable option for your windows. So, you can contact customer service besides checking the review.


Customer Service

In the real world, we like to talk to real people when we are doing online purchasing. An automated system can neither satisfy your search for the right window treatment nor will it give you the trust in that company. Great customer service is more than just a talk. This is why a company that owns a great customer service team will help you get the right windows treatment. Well-trained and competent customer service is knowledgeable about the products and guides you according to your specific requirements. So, it is preferable to talk to the service before making your final purchase decision.


Check Your Order

When your order arrives you must check everything including the warranty policies. Check the measurements to ensure they are right, especially if you have ordered the custom blinds. You need to check the return and exchange policies of the company if you want to return the product. Some companies will remake your windows if the size is incorrect, while others won’t. You need to check the guarantees before placing the order to avoid this hassle.



Online purchase of blinds and shades is an easy to remodel your home. But be careful to buy the ones that fit your windows, check the reviews, talk to the customer service, and check your order on arrival.

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