5 Things to know before purchasing the Motorized Blinds

Windows treatment is an exceptional way to automate your home décor. As the Internet of Things and connectivity thrives home automation is changing our ways of living. You can control everything remotely but only with the right choice in motorized blinds, you can enjoy this experience. The motorized blinds are easy to install and depending on the brand and type of shade you choose the installation may vary. For instance, a wider blind will require a second hand for lifting the blinds. You can also use a remote that comes with your electric window treatment to operate it. Motorized windows if can’t handle it can be confusing. Here are a few things that you must know before buying motorized blinds.


What are motorized blinds?

The electric blinds are called motorized windows that can be controlled or operated via remote. This is safe, especially if you have kids and pets at home. In motorized shades, lesser cords are dangling as compared to the traditional blinds. Your motorized windows are designed for a better living so it doesn’t make a noise but a whirring sound or soft humming. As these blinds are designed to carry volume with different brands the sound may vary.


Smart Devices and Electric Blinds’ Connectivity

You can connect your electric blinds to your smart devices based on the compatibility of the app installed in your device with the electric shades or blinds. With different brands, the compatibility will vary, which is why you need to make sure before purchasing the blinds of a particular brand.


Power Options

AA batteries (lithium battery pack) are used to power the motorized shades or blinds. Although now there is a USB cord in an outlet to recharge the motor when you need it. The single charge of the rechargeable motor is the same as the life of the AA batteries. So, the charge can last up to 6 to 12 months and depend on your usage. You can also use power cords if the window frame is near a DC outlet. There are mini solar panels also available to power up your motorized shades


Longevity and Reliability.

Although, the longevity of your electric blinds or shades depends on the usage, usually motorized window treatments last 3-10 years. You can rely on your motorized windows as much as you can rely on your traditional ones. You just need to charge it periodically.


Value it brings for the Money

It is definitely, worth it to spend your hard-earned money on this comfortable home décor. It is a long-term investment to transform your living and make it easy for you to reach windows without getting up from your couch.



Are you planning to get the electric windows treatment? You must know that it is the safest choice for you if you have kids or pets at home. You can handle it easily using a remote or with your mobile device via an app. You have many power options to use your electric blinds; AA batteries, USB cord, or DC power supply. Motorized windows are reliable and bring the right value for your money.

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