5 most desirable options in the electric window treatments

With so many options in the electric window treatments for blinds and shades, it is important to see what’s most likable among people. We all need windows in our homes, but what type of blinds you need to put on your windows vary upon many factors. Let’s see five types of blinds or shades that are most commonly used:


Roller Shades

Light filtering type of roller shades was very popular in 2020. The main reason for the customer liking it was the variety of options available in colors. People love to customize their windows and motorized lift and cordless windows with so much variety made it a great hit. For commercial applications, these types of shades are always desirable to attract shoppers and give them a sleek experience. You can find many shades, colors, and patterns according to your interests in the roller shades. For a different look, you can combine two or more colors and patterns on the wide windows.


Sheer Shades

The magic of sheer shades started in 2019 and it is still on the boom. They can be open and close like the traditional curtains and has fabric slats to give them a conventional feeling. It has a much softer appeal to it than the roller shades, as well as you can control the light better. It is a high-end home décor which is why it is gaining popularity in homes and residential apartments.


Cell Vs Faux Wood

The northern states prefer shades that are cellular because of the colder weather conditions. Cellular shades help in insulation. The southern states prefer faux words blinds as they have to deal with the scorching sun rays. There are light filtering, blackout, design, and color options in the cellular shades and they have become more popular than faux wood.


Modern Life

These are the standard alternatives and begin to gain popularity in 2019 when there was an increase in the issues of child safety. Many people switched to the electric window for the safety of their children, as they are cordless. There are many convenient options in modern life windows. The popularity of this type is still growing with the benefits of less expensive and more automated options available.


Shutter Style

Over the last few years, there is a slight demand for shutters. This is a very stylish type of electric window. Besides many options in the fixtures, you must know that these are ultra-durable. These are affordable window treatments with energy-saving options too.



Do you want to get the electric window treatment at your home? There is so much variety in the motorized windows that you can choose the best-fit option based on the colors, patterns, and fixtures. You can also select the windows according to the weather conditions in your state.

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